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Dedicate your Heart!

Attack on Titan Season 4 is probably one of the most talked about anime right now. First aired on 2013, Attack on Titan is an anime show that has captured the heart of many; myself included, of course.

The name Eren Jaeger must sound familiar to you by now due to the hype around Attack on Titan. Community-wide known as the main character that is neither the protagonist nor the exactly the antagonist, Hajime Isayama taught us to view things from different viewpoints, as no one is truly "right" in a war.

As a huge fan of Attack on Titan myself, I have previously released some Levi designs. This time, I decided to work on Eren's phone case. My goal is to depict Eren's struggle and lost of hope in Season 4, being "blinded" by his obsession of freedom. Hence, his eyes are covered by these flowers, in hopes that he will find peace soon.

You can shop for this Eren phone case on the Attack on Titan section of Dedicate your heart!

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