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I will have Order!

Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember... But where are those who share the memory?

My Zhongli came home yesterday! I'm so happy to have gotten Zhongli, I started playing Genshin Impact because I saw Zhongli last year. I downloaded Genshin on Eula's first banner, which is right after Zhongli's rerun banner. I missed him only by a few days (the pain is real).

But now his rerun is back and he finally came home (despite losing the 50/50 to Keqing initially, sobs). Celebrating this joyous event, I decided to release a Zhongli phone case. It was also requested by many of you FeLoves!

When we're speaking of Zhongli, of course we have to include his very well-known Geo rock where he summons it from who-knows-where, Celestia maybe? during his Elemental Bust. His other form is a dragon, so I made sure to include that too.

Grandpa Zhongli and his Elemental Burst. You can probably hear his "I WILL HAVE ORDER!" in your head.

That said, head to the shopping section of to grab this grandpa's phone case right away!

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