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Welcoming Genshin Impact to the family!

Just a few days ago, Mihoyo launched a new udpate for its game Genshin Impact- the 2.0 version which releases the new Inazuma map! I have been exploring Inazuma little by little, but the mobs and bosses there are so difficult...

Celebrating a new series to our collection, I decided to start off with Inazuma itself- and of course I will try to broaden the collection to other cities and even characters too. The first one joining our family will be none other than the Inazuma City itself!

The Inazuma map is truly beautiful, and of course I am unable to capture the entire beauty of this map in this phone case alone. However I hope you can take a piece of it with you wherever you go, with this Inazuma City themed phone case!

Happy exploring!

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