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The very highly requested Bokuto from Haikyuu! in Streetwear phone case is finally here! This was one of the most challenging designs I have ever done so far, as I was experimenting around with something new.

On my personal art account (@ferinedits on Instagram) you can see that I don't play around with perspective a lot. However for this case I'd like to bring something different into it and so I decided to have Bokuto do this pose where he is crouching down, with the point of view from below. It was tough, but I think I did okay!

In addition, I tried to incorporate Fukurodani colours (White, Black and Yellow) into the design to give some vibes connecting to the original jersey. I hope my fellow Haikyuu! fans will like this newly released phone case. Grab it on!

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Feb 20, 2021

Thank you so much for your kind review! 💖


Calliope Antoniou
Calliope Antoniou
Feb 19, 2021

My 2nd Bokuto case arrived today, I’m so in love with Bokuto’s pose and the colours are exactly as I expected, I couldn’t be more happier this made my day ✨✨

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