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Oh... Was I hitting too hard?

Master of Inazuma Kamisato art "Tachijutsu": Kamisato Ayaka, present. Delighted to make your acquaintance!

Ayaka is a 5 star sword-wielder with Cryo vision from the game "Genshin Impact" by Mihoyo. She is known to execute powerful moves with grace and elegance, as she has mastered the Inazuma sword art.

Many look up to Ayaka, the eldest daughter of the Inazuma clan. However, due to expectations and pressure from the society, Ayaka seems to not have proper friends, until she met the traveler (which is us!).

Getting to know Ayaka was a wonderful experience as we got to explore the city of Inazuma together with her in her story quest. I have to say, she is among one of the best story quests out there!

With that said, I made a phone case based on Ayaka. Various elements were considered here: I took note of her clothes, necklace and of course I can't miss out her trademark fan which she operates very elegantly.

Head over to the shopping section to grab one of this for your phone!

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