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This is Eternity!

Inazuma, the land of Eternity, is ruled over by Raiden Shogun the Electro Archon. Exploring Inazuma has been fun yet stressful at the same time so far, but the momeny Shogun was released everyone went KABOOM, don't you think? I mean, who can resist her? She's so beautiful!

She is particularly well known for her Elemental Burst, Musou no Hitotachi. Pretty yet deadly, you ought to be careful! Her Element Burst is very powerful and can wipe out enemies in an instant.

That said, I'm enjoying having Raiden Shogun in my party so far! She is so beautiful and I love her voice (I am using japanese dub)! Her voice is one of the main reasons I decided to pull for her.

Without further ado, here is the newly released Raiden Shogun phone case! Visit to take this baby home with you right away.

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