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Yes we were Born to make History!

Yuri on Ice, a heartwarming anime revolving around ice skater Katsuki Yuuri and his coach Viktor Nikiforov. YOI is loved by many, as it shows great character development on the main character, Yuuri. It's truly inspiring and easily became a comfort anime to many fans.

Moving on, fans of YOI truly admire and wish for a partner like Viktor, don't we all? This couple is such a perfect embodiment of Valentine's Day, which is why I chose to create a design out of them for this special day. Their relationship and connection is so beautiful, it shows us that despite this modern era, genuine and true love still exists.

As this is an anime about ice skating, of course I had to draw them ice skating together, bodies intertwined, under the soft falling snow (or ice?). All in all I hope YOI fans will like this design and it can serve as a celebratory icon for Valentine's day, even to those who do not have partners (yet).

Grab this baby on the shopping section of!

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