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Xiao: Doombane

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

It is currently Xiao's (and Shenhe's) banner featured in Genshin Impact! This is Xiao's rerun, he first made his appearance in 3rd of February 2021. Xiao, also known as the Vigilant Yaksha, is an adeptus who resides in Wangshu Inn in Liyue.

Although Xiao has went through so much suffering, he is but a kind and gentle soul. (Liyue Quest spoiler alert ahead) He has helped us as the traveler many times and even saved our life during the Liyue Quest. Look at his round cheeks, isn't he precious?

That said, this time I released a phone case and print featuring Xiao from Genshin Impact. I'm so happy to to have won the 50/50 and got him! Playing with Xiao is so fun, he is totally worth the primos.

To grab these babies, head to the shopping section of to check these items out immediately.

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